Choosing a Janitorial Cleaning Service

In recent times, we have learned just how important it is to keep an office space clean for both the customers and the employees within. When potential clients first walk into a building, they don’t like to see dirty floors and windows because it instantly gives the business a bad reputation before they even talk to anyone. For the employees, a clean environment will keep them motivated and you will see a better return on your investment. However, how do you find a janitorial service that offers good value AND great service for the money?


In short, we invite you to find out more about our services at Complete Care Maintenance and there are some very good reasons for this!

Local Company with Superb Customer Service

When looking for a cleaning service, you will most likely want to choose a local company with a good reputation. If they have years of experience, you can avoid the new starters who are unfamiliar with the best products and techniques that are involved. Sadly, we have seen an influx of poorly trained and inexperienced services in recent times.

At Complete Care Maintenance, you have a service that has been helping the area for many decades. We have learned a lot that a commercial cleaning company needs to know (and more) about the cleaning industry. However, that learning process never ends with the ongoing changes in technology and sustainability methods that are ever so important for our customers. With each member of our staff, you will have a friendly, highly-trained, and experienced professional that will take great pride in offering the best customer service levels possible.

                        High-Quality Experts with Top Equipment

If you hire a service and they turn up with a vacuum cleaner and a feather duster, you will be disappointed without even seeing their level of work. Once again, Complete Care Maintenance uses modern equipment as well as the best products to achieve the best possible results in your business. Whether we are cleaning windows, floors, or the walls, we have the right equipment and technique to match. For example, high-PSI cleaning and extraction equipment is used to perform carpet cleaning. We also offer floor waxing, sealing, stripping, buffing, and floor tile and grout cleaning services.

In terms of employees, we have already touched on this a little but we take great care in hiring and training members of staff to our levels of cleanliness. They are good people who have a passion for results which has helped propel us to where we are today.

Personalization and Flexibility

With janitorial services, we believe flexibility and personalization to be key because you should feel as though you are being helped rather than hindered. At Complete Care Maintenance, we offer a completely personalized service depending on your particular requirements and needs. Instead of having to choose a full package made up mostly of things you don’t need, you can hand-select your very own services and we will come as frequently as you require. If you have last-minute requests or special events, we will even do our best to accommodate these if you contact us via text, call, or email. Since we have a pool of talented professionals, we can normally accommodate these last minute requests for our existing customers.

Efficient and Economical

Efficient and Economical

Rather than choosing the cheapest company in the market, you should look towards a janitorial service that is efficient and economical with time and money. Not only does Complete Care Maintenance focus on offering the very best services, we are committed to offering affordable commercial cleaning and this is a balance that many companies just won’t do. With our competitive pricing, we consider a number of factors including staff count, square footage, frequency and much more. In this area of the country, we know how expensive janitorial services can be which is why we offer value for money. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today and we can explain how we will help you!


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