Housekeeping Services for Medical Facilities – 3 Basics for Success

When it comes to medical cleaning services, the stakes are raised significantly compared to general office cleaning services because there is a stringent element of cleanliness and safety that a cleaning company must adhere to.. Regardless of how small or big your practice is, all medical facilities must comply to complex OSHA and HIPPA standards. Today, we have three steps you can use to ensure your compliance with cleanliness, organization and the success of your healthcare practice this year!


Declutter – First and foremost, we always recommend decluttering before you start any form of cleaning because objects like paperwork and files will only harbor dust and germs. In addition to this, it looks messy to visitors so having the area looking clean and organized is an important start. For your patients, they need to trust that they are in good hands. This will not be the case if clutter is present.

Sustainable Cleaning Products – it’s very important that all cleaning products are green and non-toxic for all healthcare cleaning services. Although some products will remove all germs, they can leave behind toxins which can be dangerous for patients, staff, or visitors who have respiratory issues. Since staff members are there every day, prolonged use of such products can lead to adverse effects.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Vacuum Cleaners are another extremely important tool for medical cleaning services. They are different from conventional vacuums because they contain filters that are capable of trapping miniscule sized particles. A HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent of all airborne and dormant particles larger than 0.3 microns. In other words, you would need a microscope to see these tiny particulates.

Untitled11If you’re currently researching medical cleaning services, you should know that Complete Care Maintenance is a superb way to go because all our staff are trained in HIPPA and OSHA regulations. Before joining our force and then twice a year moving forward, they must complete a ‘Right-to-Know’ course as well as various other pieces of training from MRI cleaning to dealing with an x-ray room. As a janitorial service, we must follow the steps above to meet your medical cleaning needs.

Furthermore, Complete Care Maintenance also complies with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standards. Safety is paramount for us and we know just how different medical office cleaning is to general cleaning. Therefore, all employees of CCM must work with disposable vinyl gloves and comply with all safety rules. Before entering your facility, they are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations and they will never come in contact with red medical waste liners or sharps containers. If you were to choose us for your healthcare janitorial services, you can also rest assure that we always pre-screen and background check all employees and maintain ongoing training and supervision to maintain the highest possible standards.



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