Commercial Floor Cleaning For Hardwood Floors

Commercial floor cleaning services consider different types of floors and services that are found in industry. The cleaning companies offer a customized service according to the needs of property owners. They consider the area, degree of dirt and filth and type of flooring. There are different types of flooring like tiles, vinyl, cement, concrete and many others. The professionals are expected to have an art of equipment, knowledge and proper product for cleaning all types of flooring. The services of cleaning crew include sanding, refinishing, waxing, polishing and many other things apart from the basic part like sweeping, mopping and drying.

The services of professionals can help you to have spotless, slip proof and shiny floors. When choosing the best floor cleaning service, you should look for years of experience, areas of expertise, insurance coverage and client references.  Wood floors are more prone to damage because of liquid spills and foot traffic and this is the reason why sealants are used. Water and other liquids may mark the surface and cause damage over a period of time. After analyzing the problem properly, a good wood floor cleaning and polishing companycan suggest you ways to deal with the problem. If there is buildup of stains or a surface haze then the floor may need deep surface cleaning that may be followed by buffing and resealing.

In this case, the surface may be exposed and if wood is there it cannot be cleaned simply. The floor should be sanded and polishing and resealing should follow it. If you want to renew your wooden floors to its natural form then take help of wood floor cleaning and polishing company. The best way of safeguarding the value of hardwood flooring investment is to protect it against damage, dust, sand and all spoiling elements that contact the floor. Also, don’t expose your floor to excess sunlight or your floor may get fade or blemish. Use some protection in the form of curtains and blinds.

If a spill happens, make sure that it is cleaned up immediately and it does not cause any stain. Before deciding on any company, make sure they have customer’s references. You may want to ask the referring client of the company to say a few words about the service so that you can evaluate them accordingly. Finalize your decision only if you think that they can meet all your requirements. Wood floor are not only attractive and timeless in beauty but are difficult to clean and maintain.

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Keep Your Medical Office Spotless with Janitorial Services

For any business, cleanliness is important whether you work in an office, warehouse or in the retail industry. However, this topic is magnified in the medical industry because it is much more than just looking clean. Therefore, trustworthy and experienced medical office cleaning services are extremely important.

As a medical facility, your customers and patients will be harsh towards the medical staff if the surroundings are dirty. Suddenly, theirs minds will start to wander and wonder about your medical expertise and service! Is it going to be much better than the attention to cleanliness? No practice wants to compete with that mindset. When patients can enjoy a clean waiting room, restroom and exam room, it reflects extremely well towards your overall image and the medical practice immediately become more credible.

Professional Service – With that said, there are some fantastic medical office cleaning services around so you have the ability to do some research and find one that meets your requirements. Sadly, there are some unreliable companies that are damaging the reputation of the industry!You will want to perform due diligence and select a reliable and experienced commercial cleaning service that provides medical cleaning services to both large and small practices. Since cleanliness in a medical environment is vital, you should be hiring a company that can do the job effectively and at a competitive price.

When you choose a professional cleaning company, you will want to verify that they are insured as well as bonded; they should also have verifiable references to offer. Depending on your particular cleaning requirements are, they will offer a variety of services and they should place an emphasis on these needs since it is a medical facility. As long as you choose the right company, you can build a long-lasting relationship with them and their team of experts will keep your building spotless.

In terms of payment, most medical cleaning services use a contract which means that you will determine a frequency to which they attend to your ongoing cleaning needs. This schedule will vary depending on the size of the office or facility.

Pricing (Buyer Beware) – Ultimately, you need to remember that cleaning services have the same goal as every other business and this is to make a profit. Therefore, buyer beware of the cleaning companies that promise you the moon and they are the lowest price bidder! If it sounds to good to be true – it is! As tempting as that low rate may sound you will want to steer clear and re-evaluate the remaining quotes you receive. Of course, we aren’t saying that you need to over spend to get a good service.There is a good middle ground to be found. To avoid making a bad decision, we recommend getting approximately three quotes so you can see the prices involved and realize what the average charge would be and eliminate those who are undercutting or low balling.

Insured and Bonded – Whenever cleaning is involved, there is always the risk of injury or damage of some sort. With this in mind, janitorial companies and cleaning services will always be insured and bonded for the protection of their company and the clients. As soon as you hire them, you won’t have to worry if anything goes wrong. If the cleaners damage something in your building, they will assume full responsibility. So make sure this is something you look for and verify in a medical office cleaning service. When a commercial cleaning company doesn’t offer this, you are at total risk if something is damaged or somebody is injured.

If you want to match you’re cleaning needs with a professional service, why not do a little search online now for medical/healthcare cleaning services near your location? Enter healthcare cleaning services in your browser. As long as you follow the tips we have provided here today, your facility will stay shiny clean and your patients will remain happy!

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Enlisting the best commercial cleaning service keeps your warehouse, office or health facility clean all the time. This is very important because it keeps your equipment clean and employees healthy. Dust and dirt accumulation on office furniture and the floor can greatly affect the performance of your employees and electronics. Your employees can get sick for inhaling this dust and the allergens that are part of that.. Electronics and office equipment can also be affected negatively by this dust. To avoid all these problems, you should hire a professional cleaning service.

Why hire a commercial cleaning company?

  • Improve employee motivation
  • Improve your overall corporate image
  • Improved efficiency for employees, office equipment and machinery
  • Improved health – reduced call outs and sick time

Any company that wants to improve its overall image among employees and customers will always hire a professional commercial cleaning company to keep the workplace neat and clean. When employees work in a clean environment, they are healthy, happy and motivated. This results in increased productivityfor the company and a solid bottom line.

The Major Benefits of Business Cleaning Services

All business owners have the option to either clean their facilities on their own or hire a company that provides professional business cleaning services. Most companies realize that hiring a commercial cleaning firm provides a myriad of benefits.  But you need to remember first that there are certain qualities that the professional cleaning company needs to possess to guarantee that you will be receiving a professional and reliable service.  Some of the qualities you need to consider are their experience, expertise, reputation, reliability and convenience.  You will be able to learn about their business by talking to their past clients and reading online reviews.

Business Cleaning Services Increase Staff Productivity

A clean office contributes in the productivity of your business.  But with more than 40 hours spent inside the office, it can be quite challenging to address the cleanliness of your business.  Fortunately, by outsourcing the help and expertise of the commercial cleaning service, you will be able to keep your company clean at a schedule that fits your needs and budget.  Here are the other benefits that you can have once you choose to hire the experts that provide business cleaning services.

Reduce Your Already High Stress Level

By contracting with business cleaning services, you will be able to reduce the headaches that an unsanitary or unkempt environment can cause. Your people will never have to be distracted from their job in order to handle a janitorial task.  It gives the worker the chance to focus entirely on their task and be more productive.  It also gives them a cleaner working environment which will improve their motivation and efficiency.And last but not least, it will prevent any ill feeling that may harvest between management and staff by being asked to clean. After all, it really isn’t their job – is it?

Save a Lot of Time and Money

As mentioned above, by hiring the help of business cleaning services, your employee can focus on their jobs.Office tasks are generally time-consuming and it is always a time crunch to finish the task on time.  In addition, you will no longer have to hire an in-house team to complete the cleaning services which can save you a considerable amount of money.

Safeguard the Health of Your Workers

The surface in your working environment can be a haven for bacteria and microorganisms that can lead to allergies, sickness and even various diseases.  Hiring the expertise of business cleaning services will safeguard the orderly cleaning and sanitizing of surfacesby using only the proper cleaning solutions and industry accepted equipment that can eliminate all germs and bacteria.  This will benefit the company from call outs and absences due to sickness.

Corporate Image

Finally, you need to create a lasting impression to your clients and even your vendors. The look of your office environment can speak volumes about the way you do business. Maintaining the cleanliness of your company has a solid and lasting impact on the reputation of your company. This will be a lot easier to achieve when you hire professional business cleaning services.


It is imperative to keep your company clean and free from any bacteria and germs. Hire the business cleaning services that can provide you with top-quality results with a team of expert cleaning professionals.

Top 4 Problems with Commercial Flooring

You have great customer service, popular products and a reliable staff. But if your business is plagued with flooring problems, it will still leave a bad impression on your customers or clients. Your floor is one of the first things they see upon arrival. It is in every room and area of your building. It goes without saying that floor cleaning services are going to be a huge part of your housekeeping plan. The issues that face any type of floor surface are influenced by environmental and traffic conditions that cause wear and tear on the floors. People are constantly walking in and out, which brings in rain, sand, small stones and dirt. Other factors that affect floors are when items get dropped on the floors and chairs or furniture gets dragged across their surfaces. Following are the top 4 problems with commercial and residential flooring and what you can do about them.


#1 Stains: A quick mopping might notremove stains from your commercial or residential floor. Ink, coffee, and certain foods can leave a lasting stain making your floors look dirty even when they aren’t. If left untreated, they could require repairs.

Solution: Depending on the type of material, stains require deep steam cleaning or floor stripping and waxing. High speed burnishing or spray buffing will usually help remove most types of stains.


#2 Odors: Your floors might get a regular mopping but they still look dingy. And worst of all, there may be a lingering musty or rotten smell in the room.If you are mopping with a dirty mop head that will simply push dirty water around the floor and may even be made worse if the mop is musty and retains millions of germs and bacteria.

Solution:Make sure you use clean microfiber mop heads and launder them on a regular basis. You may need to have your floor professionally scrubbed and/or refinished depending on the condition.


#3 Grout: The grout seams between the flooring and baseboards can become discolored over time. Dirt will get in the grout and discoloration will follow.If your tile and the grout start to turn dingy, you will notice that general cleaning will not improves its appearance at all.

Solution: Professional tile and grout cleaning and sealing will substantially improves the appearance of both the tile and grout. Grout sealants will help prevent dirt from seeping into the grout for about 3-5 years (depending on the manufacturer claims) but will need to be re-sealed after it is deep cleaned again.


#4 Cuts, Scraps, and Pitting: Anytime the flooring receives a dig it has potential to allow water and bacteria to enter the flooring causing unsightly staining, marks and grooves. This is especially true with soft and resilient floor surfaces, such as wood and vinyl floors.

Solution: Floor replacement is usually the only fix for these types of situations unless it’s a real wood floor that can be screened or sanded and refinished. Daily sweeping and mopping will provide a huge benefit from any damage being done. inspect and advise on caring for cuts, scraps or pitting in your business’ floor before it becomes a costly repair or replacement.


At Complete Care Maintenance, we offer specialized floor cleaning services with over five decades of experience. We will incorporate our expertise in floor cleaning and polishing services into your overall office and building maintenance program which will keep your floors impeccable at all times. Depending on traffic patterns as well as overall usage, we can come up with a floor maintenance program using the various array of services we provide. This can all be accomplished while staying within budget.


We provide floor cleaning services for all types of flooring:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Marmoleum
  • Laminate
  • Porcelain
  • Terrazzo
  • Ceramic
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Concrete


We only use the finest floor equipment, polishes, floor pads and certified chemicals in the industry and we absolutely will not compromise on the quality of these products. You can be assured that everything we do is done right, the first time. If you are in need of commercial floor cleaning services, please contact us for more information.

Putting Together a Checklist before Hiring Cleaning Services NJ

If you are looking to hire a cleaning services NJ, you need to have a clue as to what services you are hiring for. This may mean putting together a cleaning checklist for your office. This will help the cleaning service know exactly what it is you are looking for and what it needs to deliver on. You can also ensure that this list is part of the contract that you sign. Here are some things to take into consideration:

Lobby/Reception/Common Areas

  • Daily dusting and sanitizing
  • Vacuuming
  • Carpets and runners should be steam cleaned on a regular basis
  • Hard surface flooring should be dust mopped, wet mopped on a regular schedule
  • Empty the trash daily
  • Floor cleaning should be performed as part of the overall building cleaning services
  • The cleaning crew should dust ceiling vents and corners for cobwebs regularly
  • Cleaning and sanitizing door handles and light switches


  • Depending on usage, cleaning should usually be done at least once a day.
  • Attention should be paid to the urinals, floors, basins and toilet bowls
  • Replace all paper products and hand towels
  • Light switches, hand driers and mirrors should be cleaned daily
  • Empty the trash
  • Refill air fresheners.

Kitchen / Break Room

  • Sanitize all surfaces with special attention to sinks, food preparation areas and cooking surfaces
  • Empty the trash daily
  • Clean chairs and tables
  • Clean out refrigerator (weekly)

Office Area

  • Dusting and vacuuming daily
  • Empty trash
  • Spot clean windows as needed


When you have finally put together your checklist, its time to find a reliable and bonded cleaning company to make sure your requests are handled. For a free, no obligation survey and proposal please visit to solve your cleaning issues today.

Essential Tips to Choose the Right Janitorial Services

Professional cleaning companies offer a broad range of services from commercial cleaning to carpet cleaning, janitorial services and office building cleaning. As the person who owns the property, it is essential for you to find a professional cleaning company that will conduct and manage supervised maintenance and general cleaning of your property. This article will help provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to find the best cleaning company.


Things to Consider When Hiring Janitorial Services


Experience of the Cleaning Company


Most of the time, their years of experience in the industry with janitorial services can translate to their expertise and reliability as a company. You should look for the cleaning company that is well-established and have many years of experience in the industry. They should possess the correct knowledge, expertise, and skill set to ensure a thorough and integrated cleaning plan. They should also have the capacity to provide assistance to your type of property whether it is residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.


The Type of Services They Provide


As mentioned above, the janitorial services that they provide is more than just the basic vacuuming and dusting. They can provide complete floor cleaning services, office cleaning services, office building cleaning services, carpet shampooing and special event cleaning. When finding a commercial cleaning company, you should look for a company that provides a comprehensive list of services.

As opposed to what others may think that cleaning is just a basic skill, professional cleaning requires experience and technical knowledge.  For instance, the staff would have to possess the correct knowledge and training on how to operate the state-of-the-art floor cleaning equipment as well as the use of different cleaning solutions.  The cleaning product that they will use should adhere to the surface that will be cleaned. If not, damage can very likely result and an insurance claim is not far behind that. When hiring janitorial services, see to it that the staff are well-trained.

Standards and Certifications

It is essential to ensure that the cleaning company is dedicated in maintaining a high set of standards and possess professional certifications.  The janitorial service must also provide complete insurance.  They should also keep the client in the loop so they can monitor the service while keeping the channels of communication open. Thisis vital to guarantee an efficient and successful cleaning program.


Finally, to address the increasing demand in eco-friendly services, it is essential for you to ensure that the janitorial service provider is sensitive to sustainability issues and is environmentally-friendly.  The cleaning products that they use should meet or exceed the EPA standard, while the equipment they use each and every day should use less energy and produce significantly low pollution.  Make sure that the cleaning company utilizes microfiber technology.

These are just some of the things that you should look for from janitorial services that will ensure excellent and environmentally safe and healthy janitorial cleaning for a productive workplace.

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service

Do you find it hard to do the cleaning and still concentrate on your work? This is where a professional cleaning service comes in. Hiring a cleaning service will save you the hassle of having to do the cleaning, while at the same time give you ample time to concentrate on the tasks at hand. A cleaning service can also provide property management cleaning services. The benefits of contracting a cleaning service include;

  • You will always come to work in a clean environment

There is nothing that is more refreshing than the scent of a clean office. A clean office translates into a healthy and professional workplace and that is why it’s vital to keep all areas clean at all times.

  • The cleaning company arrive with their own cleaning equipment

The other benefit of hiring a cleaning service is that they come with their own equipment. This will eliminate the need for you to find the equipment needed to perform the cleaning.

  • The cleaning company offer experience and expertise

The beauty of hiring NJ office cleaning services is that the cleaners have years of experience in the cleaning industry and this gives you the guarantee that you are only working with the best. In most cases, an onsite supervisor is available to ensure that all the work is done to a satisfactory level.

  • Convenience and affordability

The other advantage of hiring a professional cleaning service is the fact that they are not only affordable, but they are also convenient. When it comes to floor sweeping and cleaning services, affordability is crucial. There are different packages that everyone can afford and this is one way to get your office or office building clean.


Benefits of Wood Floor Polishing

There are a number of floor options available nowadays but hardwood flooring is usually the preferred flooring type because it is not reasonably easy to cleanthan other types of flooring and it provides a beautiful look to your home or any other type of establishment.Wood floor polishing is an excellent way to maintain the natural look of your wood floors. And it can help enhance the original look following the wood floor polishing service.

Benefits of Wood Floors

Although wood floors can cost more than other flooring options such ascarpeting, their maintenance and upkeep can be much easier and healthier. Another big advantage is that they can usually be easily refurnished after years of tough traffic. This service is usually done after the wood floors get dented, scraped, and scuffed they can be restored easily through sanding, refinishing or polishing. This smoothens and refurnishes it to its original shine or very close to it. That is why you rarely need to replace your wood floor.

Wood floor polishing

Polishing wood floors adds extra shine, beauty, and protection to them. It restores the natural finish of the floor and provides an beautiful satin finish to the entire floor. This service also provides a protective surface to the floor which helps prevent damage from the foot traffic that is always present.

  1. Good quality wood polish

When polishing your wooden floor makeabsolutely sure you use a good quality polish to get the floor to its original shine. Simply remove the rugs and all the furniture present, use a pre-treated dust mop to remove all debris from the floor, carefully mop the wood floor so the floor surface is spotlessand then spread a polish with the help of an applicator or a floor buffer.

  1. Applying the polish

Be sure to read all the instructions printed on the box of polish. When applying polish to the floor make sure to work in small portions so that the applicator does not get dry. Take extra care when smoothing out the polish that you’re working with the grain present in the wood.

If applying a liquid finish, you want to ensure a smooth and even polish and apply the polish in a side to side motion making sure you cover the entire area so that you do not have any missed areas of polish on your floor as you move from one section to the next.

Also, make sure that you do not trap yourself in a corner when you finish the polish of your floor. Depending on the temperature and humidity in the room that you are polishing you will want to allow the polish to dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour before walking on it and putting back all the furniture and rugs.

Hiring Professionals for Wood Floor Polishing

Even though wood floor polishing can be done by anyone with the correct materials and supplies, it is recommended to let a professional floor cleaning company to provide this service for the ultimate and guaranteed results. Make sure that the service provider is someone who has experience with wood floor polishing and can give you results that you’re looking for.

Complete Care Maintenance is an experienced and reliable company when it comes to wood floor polishing and many other cleaning services. Their wood floor polishing includes:

  • Move all existing furniture from the floor.
  • Remove all loose debris from the floor.
  • Perform a detailed sweep and dust mop.
  • Deep clean flooring, using a safe alkaline cleaner.
  • Hand clean and detail all floor corners and edges.
  • Carefully apply polish to wood floors.
  • Lowspeed buff all areas.
  • Detail buff all floor corners and edges.

The mentioned services also mean that you won’t have to do anything. All you need to do is hire Complete Care Maintenance and allow them to make your wooden floor as clean as possible.


Get property management and cleaning services under one roof

There are many cleaning companies all over the world. Property management cleaning servicesoffers a wide array of service and it includes property maintenance. They provide the best quality service and creates hygienic environment for all the clients. All the employees are well trained and they should be knowledgeable of all that is required for property maintenance. Property management and cleaning service is well equipped with manpower and latest equipment that is needed for all kind of cleaning activities. Housekeeping service is generally provided according to needs and budgets of individuals.

Housekeeping services generally involves activities like window maintenance, laundry, dry cleaning and carpet maintenance. All these things should be done with perfection. Attention should be given to even smallest thing like dusting of picture frames, ceiling fans, furniture, lamp shades and many other things. All things in your kitchen should look spotlessly cleaned. Make sure that bathrooms and toilets of your house are properly scrubbed and sanitized. You should elaborate cleaning of carpet. Regular cleaning is very essential as dust mites and bacteria thrive on unclean carpets and causes health problems. If you have area rugs or wall carpets, the cleaning companies can do wonders for you.

All the stains and dirt that gets accumulated can be cleaned with this product and it is completely safe for you and your family. The area rugs can be handled with due care and it needs little investment only. Property management cleaning services is very important for commercial buildings. It is important to clean your office to impress your client so that they can walk in a completely fresh and clean environment. The cleaning services don’t interfere with work schedules and it suits your time in the best possible way. The cleaning companies offer all types of janitorial services. Cleaning services requires regular cleaning like floor cleaning, waxing, window cleaning or any other thing that you may ask for small or big office complex. The process of cleaning is supervised closely and all modern equipment are used for work.

Property management services are usually required for maintaining property – apartment blocks and commercial complex. The exteriors of any property are checked and maintained for landscaping, outside litter pick up, removal of any excess water build up, parking lot and sidewalks. Generally all kind of repairs in the interior and/or exterior of the building is taken full care of. Look for the best property management cleaning service to maintain your property. They provide janitorial service like seasonal work like snow removal, gardening and landscaping by some very experienced workers. If you are planning to move out, look for the most comprehensive package for shifting and moving purpose. Make sure that you choose such a service that can complete the cleanup of your home to your satisfaction.