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Personalized Commercial Cleaning Services


When looking for janitorial services, it can be frustrating looking over the same old packages time and time again. When researching the market, we found that nearly every janitorial company chose to offer the same services but none were really customizing their service offering for the customer. Complete Care Maintenance has always personalized our janitorial services for our valued customers. Not only can you pick and choose which services you require, you can decide how frequently you want the task performed!

Floor Cleaning Services

With Complete Care Maintenance, you have a collection of experts who can perform carpet shampooing, tile and grout cleaning, floor waxing, floor buffing, and a whole lot more. If you have hardwood flooring or anything other than carpets (see next section), you are in the right place because we use the highest-quality products for the best possible results. Sometimes, flooring can get quite filthy especially when your business has high traffic areas. However, we will keep it looking sparkling both now and long into the future so your customers are impressed as soon as they walk through the door.

Carpet Shampooing

If you have carpets, we offer high PSI steam carpet cleaning and extraction. Once again, we use high-quality products as well as superb machinery to get the job done and get it done well. However, all this equipment would still be useless in the wrong hands; luckily, we have trained professional technicians with portable equipment to reach every little corner. When your carpet is dirty because of high traffic, you begin to look unprofessional and customers make an immediate judgement. Complete Care Maintenance can help you make the right impression with our professional janitorial service.

Office Furniture & Windows

When maintaining your building, janitorial services are extremely important not only for customers but also to keep your employee’s safe from harm. With dust and excessive dirt hanging around, it isn’t healthy for anyone which is why we offer superb office building cleaning services. In addition to your flooring, we realize the importance of clean windows and other hard to reach areas.  Wherever dirty areas that are present in an office or building, we will attack them with everything we have so all employees are safe and customers are impressed when they first walk in!

Choose Your Services

Over time, we have come to realize that every single business is unique. Many companies prefer daily office cleaning services, others don’t have enough activity to warrant a daily visit which is why we launched our personalized menu based service. After getting in contact with us, we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan to match them moving forward. With our trained experts and fantastic equipment, we are ready to jump in and help whenever you require!


If you want to get the process started, simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ page and you will see a drop-down menu before submitting. Soon after, you will receive a response from one of our professionals with a couple questions. Once we learn more about your business, we can build a quote for your required service. Even after the quote, you are free to look around and consider your options since there is no obligation. Once you have made your decision, just let us know and we would love to get started!